We see healthy and attractive green spaces that invigorate homeowners, businesses and communities as a whole. Building a greener society one property at a time.



Our mission is to bring natural beauty and its enjoyment to the urban form and landscape of Southwestern Ontario one property at a time.



  • Listening to those around us. Continuing to teach and train the individuals around us, while showing humility. Putting others first and “wowing others with outstanding service. 


  • Owning our actions. Walking the talk and doing the right thing the first time. Under promising and under delivering one client at a time. 


  • Being passionate about what we do. Full of energy, fun and excitement. Driving to continuing to be our best, while improving, learning and growing along the way. 


  • Stay calm and being accountable. Responding and not reacting. Showing care to all around us, including a safe environment for employees.