Designing landscapes that best suit your lifestyle, while making them stylish and timeless is our goal.Whether it is a small garden, a complete backyard project , or an entire landscape renovation, Klomp’s Landscaping creates extraordinary outdoor spaces for your home. We design and build difficult and fantastic-looking hard and softscapes, but we are also specialist in our own capacity to hear, cooperate and honor our customers ' requirements. We believe that this makes the differentiation between suitable spaces and flawless spaces. Take some time to look around and learn about the services we offer and the quality of work that sets us apart. Contact us today to turn those dreams into reality!


If you can dream it we can do it! Looking for a landscape design to take your backyard to a whole new element of leisure and entertainment? We design backyards to be both beautiful and rewarding. Feel comfortable in your own backyard and not have to travel far to enjoy nature.


Show off your home, and welcome people in! Imagine the potential your front property has. Welcome people day in and out, feeling proud of where you live while showcasing your architectural work of art.


Extend your living space or enjoy the qualities of natural and precast pavers and enhance your lifestyle. Allowing your property to look its best hardscaping enhances the beauty of your property. With our busy lives and our tendency to be cooped up inside the house, it is important to take the time to step outside and reconnect with nature.


The Natural Beauty of the Project! Gardens and softscaping create and allow for tranquility and cohesion between all elements of the landscape design while also being a moment in itself. Softscaping is vibrant, soothing and beautiful.


The elements of a landscape design that truly make your space unique. These elements include special woodworking, memorials, or custom installs and designs. They add depth, layers and composition to your property for years to come.


Liquid Gold is all in the sounds, sights and feels. Water is arguably is one of the most soothing elements of nature, and creates a direct correlation with relaxation. Bodies of water allow elements of your landscaping to be connected an create a architectural presence to your entire outdoor space. The incorporation of the beauty and sound of water can significantly change your space.