Landscape Design & Installation

Coloured Landscape Plan

Full coloured landscape plan for front and back yard with driveway, retaining wall, pathway and planting

Planning a Landscape Design & Installation project is fun and exciting! Klomp’s Landscaping & Hot Tubs has been designing and installing residential landscapes all over Southern Ontario. Our goal is to create properties and yards that are beautiful year after year.

If you need some inspiration, Klomp’s Landscaping’s Residential Landscape Planning & Inspiration Guide can help! Filled with images and descriptions of many different design elements, you can use the guide to determine what things you may like to use or see in your customized plan.

Our Landscape Design & Installation process consists of these simple steps:

  1. Request your design consultation

    Start by contacting us to set up your design consultation using our Contact Us form or by calling our office at 519-284-0254. We’ll ask you some simple questions to match you with one of our great staff members and set you up with a consultation date.

  2. Meet with one of our talented staff members in the comfort of your home

    Your initial design consultation will take place in your home, where our designer can get a see your property and learn more about how you’ll use the space.  Together, we’ll determine what the goals are for your landscape and determine some budgetary numbers.

  3. We develop your Landscape Design Plan

    After our meeting, we’ll take various measurements, grades and pictures of your property to use in creating your Design Plan. All our plans are done to scale, and we can create 3D photos of your property to give you more understanding in what we’ll be creating for you. We’ll meet here in our Design Office so that you can approve the plan and get your project start date scheduled

  4. Landscape Installation & Construction

    When our crews arrive at your home, they’ll get started right away! Our crews adhere to follow all safety and construction best practices to ensure that your project is completed properly. Once the job is completed, your new landscape will be left in pristine condition.

  5. Enjoy your Outdoor Oasis!

landscape planning & inspiration guide- coverReady to get Planning? Request our Free Landscape Planning & Inspiration Guide for more great ideas or REQUEST A CONSULTATION TODAY.