Landscape Maintenance

When your yard needs a clean up, or there are some tasks that you can’t complete, our landscape maintenance services are the perfect solution.  With our customized maintenance quote, we visit your home to complete a site analysis and meet with you to determine your goals and budget. We offer many different landscape maintenance services:

landscape maintenance- before & afterGarden Rejuvenation & Clean Up

For small beds that have some great plants, but need some attention to make them look spectacular. Can include splitting and dividing plants, adding new plants, reducing or extending beds, edging, weeding and mulching.

IMG_1478Paver & Flagstone Care

We suggest that you get your patio and or walkway power washed once per year. We powerwash all of the dirt and grime that is building up in the joints as well as any weed seeds that may have also fallen in there. Once the power washing has been completed we top up the joints with jointing sand. Doing this will reduce build up and make your patio/walkway look brand new again.

Lawn CareLawn Care

There are many options to create the perfect lawn, or fix one that may need some repair. We offer grading, sod installation, seed installation, fertilizing (synthetic or natural) and seasonal aerating. For larger areas, consider Hydro Seeding; it combines seed, turf starter and fine mulch to create a slurry that is sprayed on. It germinates quickly and helps prevent soil erosion.

Tree Planting

Create maximum shade with large tree plantings! We have everything to plant large trees (50mm caliper and up), and large evergreens (200cm and up).

Book a Landscape Maintenance Consultation

Would you like a quote on Maintenance services? Contact us to book your appointment with one of our Maintenance Estimators. Need something more? Consider our Landscape Design & Installation services.